Thursday, July 25, 2013

How hard is an electric car conversion

Simple Electric Car Conversions

You may be interested in some different ways to power your car. Right now, the best way to power your vehicle is electric power.

electric car conversion

Many people have actually converted there car into an electric vehicle themselves! This is also known as electric car conversions. You are probably thinking that you would need to be a car mechanic to perform a conversion like this. Well, actually you are wrong, with the step by step guide that Gas 2 Electricity provides, the average human can convert there car by themselves!

What do you need to start?
  1. Gas 2 Electricity's Step by Step Guide
  2. A workspace- garage, shop or some similar place, or even your laneway.
  3. Common tools available in most homes
  4. A reliable helper for holding parts and lifting some heavy objects.

Particular models of cars work best for conversions, but any car can be converted. A list of the perfect car can be found on the Step By Step Guide. I personally think small cars work best.

After finding the vehicle you will use, you will need to take out the motor. The Step by step guide shows you exactly how to do this fast. It would be smart to get a car without an engine in it. This can be found on a car-lot or junkyard.

Once your DC electric car conversion is complete you will be extremely excited with a big smile on your face, especially when you drive by a gas station and don't have to stop. With a range of over 100-200 miles and top speeds of 65 mph your electric car will drive just like any vehicle on the road, except- no gas!


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